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eMaster™ V3.0 is here!

We are very pleased to announce that eMaster™ V3.0 is here and ready for you to use.

The new URLs for you to use are below and please do log into SANDBOX to make yourself familiar with the new features available.

eMaster™ LIVE - https://peugeotuk.emasterglobal.com

eMaster™ SANDBOX - https://sandbox-peugeotuk.emasterglobal.com
We have produced a document to give you a brief outline of the new features and this is available when you have logged into V3 within the pop up notification. Please do take the time to read and familiarise yourself with the exciting new eMaster™ V3.0
This version of eMaster will be retired on 16th September 2019 so please make sure you have familiarised yourselves with the new eMaster™ V3.0

Should you have any queries at all please email us at support@fisconline.co.uk